Click Bate a solo show housed for the month of March (2018) at Okhi Co in Denver, Colorado.


Click Bate was inspired by a close friend of mine who spent sometime working as a cam girl. Hearing stories about how she navigated the American sex work culture my art inside this series was born. Each photo in the series is influenced from a specific fetish and shot from the perspective of how I'd imagine them. Widely seen as weird by today's society internet sex work is celebrated as the selfless, personal, artistic expression that it often is. With my fresh voyeuristic style of photography, I highlight my subjects true beauty and confident selflessness in a way that reminds us to think more deeply about how we interact with our ideas of sexual expression and the honest work that can revolve around it.  In addition to my art, I had a digital media piece that was made by Shira Roth. (Digital Piece will be uploaded later)

Choke Me.jpg
Feet Love.jpg
Masking 2