Havana, Cuba (2018)


I have always wanted to go to Cuba. I think what really peaked my interest in wanting to travel there was the movie Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights. The first time I watched that movie I was around the age of 17! I’ve held onto the want for so long. It is cliche to let a movie push interest in travel but that film bumped Cuba to the top of my list. Specifically Havana, as that is where the movie primarily was filmed.

I talked about wanting to visit Cuba with my mom and she told me how that has been a place that she has wanted to experience as well. We looked into traveling there. We found a fun option to go on a cruise through Royal Caribbean and next thing you know that is where we ended up!

I was really into the culture in Havana. The art, music and food. I love how the people seem to be holding onto the culture dearly as a lot of these things have not been Westernized and that’s important to realize when traveling. You are organically a part of their lifestyle when you visit a place. Everyday there was something new and eye opening that we got to see. Creative environments, pure joy, bright colors and a lot of sun!

There are a bunch of photos that I took on the trip that I wanted to share and I hope that after seeing these images your interest will peak as well.


I should of hit publish on May 12

 Me in Denver snapped by Maya Coleman 

Me in Denver snapped by Maya Coleman 

I created this post on May 12. The day that I quit my job of 4 years. I decided to move my entire life from Denver which has been home to me for 24 years to Chicago, Illinois. I just let this post sit here in the draft box for 2 months because I was unsure if I should share blog posts about my life and experiences with everyone- you can choose to follow if you'd like. Here I am though back at it because this is something that I have been wanting to pursue for sometime. I consider it a form of journalism mainly using photos - if I feel like writing something I will.  I personally want to catalog digitally this new adventure I've got going for myself. 

New update:

I have been in Chicago for 2 months and 6 days- yes I'm counting and yes Fiji is with me (my Cat)! Recently I have been feeling so incredibly thankful for all the support I have had with this move. This has been the best change that I have been able to control for myself! For once I did something for me. I just wanted to thank; my mom who has taught me to continue to go for the things I want in life and has encouraged me to chase them, my Dad who has been helping me settle in & has been with me through this all, my siblings who continue to send me memes and check in on me, my Denver friends who told me to take the opportunity to work on my photography in a place that has more opportunity, my Chicago friends who have made me feel at home from day one. Really to everyone who has said to me "you can do this", you were right and I thank you for being my rocks and reason for success. 

 Fujifilm disposable camera photo of Chicago from the L

Fujifilm disposable camera photo of Chicago from the L

I miss Denver like crazy. But Chicago has given me some amazing experiences so far that I should of blogged about but I didn't cause real life had me busy. I'm glad I am here. I've been pursuing photography working with Fashion and Music. I'm looking forward to my new life here and what I can accomplish in the next several days, weeks, months, years!