Seen & Heard: 005 Wavy Jain

          DIGITAL ART BY: KAIT LANDIA                   (@THEKAITLANDIA)


Fashion Designing has always been a topic that I've been curious about! It hasn't been until recently that I've developed a huge interest in wanting to explore this medium of art and how fashion designers make a name for themselves. Instagram once again has introduced me to local fashion designer named Jain Barrett. Jain is the CEO and vision behind her company Wavy Jain CO! Jain likes to describe her brand as "for the non-linear". That really peaked my curiosity so  I recently met up with her just to get a better idea of what she's all about! Jain and I spent an entire afternoon together collaborating on a shoot that surrounded this new tangerine piece that she specifically designed for us to work with- beautifully wrapped in chains, thoughtfully complimenting the model Kenna Matthews, who Jain and I both had our eye on to shoot in this amazing piece! Get familiar with Wavy J below and check out a few images from our tangerine dream afternoon *  :)  *




1. Describe to me what you do in one sentence.
I imagine different end results in my head (no artistic medium in particular, literally just whatever I think of), and then I spend copious amounts of time executing/building on what I imagined.

2. What got you into designing clothes?
I’ve always felt curious about design. Strictly training in Dance throughout high school brought me intense admiration for fabric, and costuming, and the impact it has on a performance. I also started embroidering last year which escalated my desires to learn. I guess curiosity and intimidation are what led me to finally diving in.

3. What is your favorite fruit?
The limit of my berry consumption does not exist! All berries. Any kind.

4. Who are some of your inspirations?
Twyla Tharp. Elsa Schiaparelli. Small business owners everywhere. Johnny Cash. Pierre Cardin. Emma Portner. Rihanna too!

5. What's the leading idea behind your company Wavy Jain & Co?
The leading idea behind Wavy Jain Co. is this term “non-linear”. I feel the moments in my life where I was conforming or following others, it brought a lot of tension to my whole being and made me start to think I was indeed my own. I was not the same. Wavy people are so comfortably themselves. My creations will sometimes mock this concept too. You’ll see something constricting, or an inclusion of very linear details. Non-linear is to be interpreted uniquely and it is the driving force behind every project.




You've Got Mail


It has been a while since I have posted on here. I've neglected this for a while because life got the best of me; working my day job etc. This morning, while I was working on this piece, I realized that blogging, writing is a great way to get my gears grinding. I'm going to be putting a lot more focus into my journaling and more importantly this blog. 

I found myself awake before 7 am this morning which is something that rarely happens. I spent a good portion of the morning laying in bed watching the sunlight seep into my apartment. I went to my kitchen to start a pot of coffee and realized it has been a while since I have checked my mail. oooops.  I will be honest, that I have a really bad habit of not regularly checking my mail. Probably not something I should blog about but whatever, it's something that I am trying to fix about my daily routine. 

I walked down to my apartment lobby and checked my mailbox.  I usually either have junk mail, letters from Chicago or nothing at all which happens to make that bad habit of mine easy to keep doing -haha.  This time I had a package from Florida,  surprise! surprise! this package came from my best friends mom who is an MUA (Make-Up Artist) . 

I recently picked up a heavy interest in make-up. I have never been one to really wear make-up and if I do it's really light. Maybe that's just the tom-boy in me or really my lack of knowledge of how to do winged eye-liner. But heck, life is about learning.... so here I am at 23 years old finally pampering myself with red lipsticks, bold mascaras and cute eyeshadows. It's never to late to start. 

The package I received was decorated with cute hearts, which brought a smile to my face instantly. I opened it up and there was a tube of Pure Color Love Lipstick by Esteē Lauder in the shade of red. Red always boosts my confidence, especially when it comes to lipstick. It's simple, yet sexy. I could be wearing a t-shirt and a pair of jeans. Then BOOM,  the red lipstick is what really gives my outfit, and confidence that extra pop!  There was also Maneater mascara by Tarte - this came around the perfect time because I ran out of mascara yesterday! What luck! 

I can't wait to try these two products out and incorporate them into my everyday morning make-up routine.