Inside with Steele Douglas

People’s environments really say a lot about them. In order to create art for ourselves we have to be in the perfect environment. Homes are our safe space where we spend most of our time collecting ourselves.

My friend Steele Douglas is a local musician based in Denver, Colorado. I was invited into his home to capture photos of him. We met back in 2016 thanks to Keats Collective, a record label. It had been sometime since Steele and I hung out mainly because I moved to Chicago. 

Steele and his girlfriend Lacey share a space that emanates their relationship. There is natural sunlight flooding the rooms, there are books everywhere ranging from music journals, art and the classics. There is a cute couch that doubles as the home to their cat. The couch sat across from Steele’s work space where I could pleasantly watch Everything Is Terrible! (Which is one of my favorite films cause it’s a bunch of different wild films mashed into 12 hours of “wtf did I just watch.”) above all his instruments and synths. On the walls were art pieces made by Lacey and other famous people. The space really felt comfortable and inviting which makes sense because this is the home to two amazing people in my life. 

I was excited to learn about the different equipment he used to create. Steele started showing me how he makes music, explaining to me some of his methods and showing me his guitars. We both laughed about making a summer disco song and he started making a beat to one. It brought me a lot of happiness to see a friend sharing their art with me.

Below are a bunch of photos from this day together and I want you all to remember that you can make your space whatever you want it to be as long as you are creating for yourself and doing what you love.