Seen & Heard: 006 Lulu Wissmar (Los Angeles, California)

  Photos courtesy of Lulu Wissmar

Photos courtesy of Lulu Wissmar

I'm so excited to be expanding Seen & Heard, like Colorado the passion for creative pursuits is also happening in other places across the country.

Back in May of 2013 I met LuLu Wissmar via facebook through some mutuals after attending a music festival in Los Angeles! Currently in LA Lulu is known for her eclectic personal style which you can tell branched off into her work as a wardrobe stylist / creative curator for Forever 21 HQ. After quitting working at the forever 21 HQ, she has been pouring her heart and soul into her own company @kilukaiswim, which is a swimwear line that focuses on making " sustainability sexy" ( you can find out more about her brand below) & she has also been working on other projects with fellow creatives. Get to know a bit about Lulu and the progress she's been making in LA's fashion scene below!  



1.When did you start becoming interested in fashion? 
I want to say I've always been interested in fashion, but I'll have to give the initial credit to my parents. Their love for dressing me up vintage fashion wore off on me and I still embrace it to this day. 

2.What kind of content interests you?
Art, and nature for sure. I can look at both for hours haha. 

3.What’s your current favorite trend? Or do you stray away from that? 
I definitely try and stay away from trends to be honest. That's the fashion flow that doesn't go. I'm all about entwining my clients organic style along with a new personal perspective. I want them to be comfortable, confident, but also push them out of their box a little bit. 

4. Who is your fashion inspiration? 
My fashion inspiration would probably have to be Janis Joplin. Every look she wears is an art piece. She's versatile, thoughtful, but daring. 

5. Where are 4 of your favorite places to shop? Why? 
Four of my favorite places to shop in LA is probably Iguana Vintage, Jet Rag, the Fairfax strip, and different Etsy shops. Fashion now days is so copy and paste I love digging through the old, embracing the new, and getting inspired by others art. 

6. I see you are the co-creator of a swim wear brand Kilu Kai - can you tell me a little about what you do there? 
Yes! Kilu Kai Swimwear is my little baby that I'm so passionate about. My partner and I are making sustainability sexy. Using recycled material to make trendy suits that make woman feel confident and excited to change the world. Melding the world through woman empowerment and keeping Mother Nature happy. Follow us at @kilukaiswim to see our first release! 

7. Does anyone in music inspire your stylist creativity? If so, who? 
Lots of people in music inspire my daily style. Depending on my mood, I'll put on a jam, and let my creativity to take over. Music's always been a huge influence in my life. Garments flow of the skin like the words that we sing to get us through our day. 

8.What is your dream gig? 
My dream gig would probably be to work on a worldwide campaign that empowers various artists, woman, and cultures. 

9. Aside from being creative and styling.. what else interests you? 
My most frequent pass time is skating down by the beach, hiking, or dancing! Anything outdoor or with music, I'm there! 


10. In 40 years what will people be nostalgic for?
(Hard one)  A clean and healthy earth :( 

See some styling work by Wissmar below
Pics by:  @offthecheng