This new blog series is all about cool people who do cool things. There is only one true defining factor to what makes someone cool and that is seeing people have or develop a passion for art, music, writing, clothes - anything creative.  I've met so many people who inspire me with their passions, that I'm here now sharing with you in depth about some of these talented people who have been on my radar. Each individual that I write about has opened my eyes to different forms of art in some way. Their love and drive to make the things they wanna do a reality deserves to be seen and heard

Recently I met up with Lexi who is a thrift store guru, vintage lover and Etsy shop owner that is based out of Denver, Colorado. She is also the creator behind LEXI GOES THRIFTING.   Break the ice with Lexi below through an in depth interview we had while on a thrifting adventure! 

Where are you from?
Lansing, Michigan

How old are you?

When did you first get into thrifting / vintage collecting?
I have been an avid thrifter my entire life. Growing up in a family with 3 kids and not a whole lot of cash made me thrifting a necessity back in the day, and I can't say I looked at it with even an ounce of the same admiration as I do now. Kids find anything and everything to make fun of each other about, and appearing as though you shopped at a thrift store was certainly a cause for ridicule on the 6th grade school bus.

It wasn't until high school that I realized thrifting gave me control over my self expression and identity more than anything had before. Other stores told me what to wear, and made me feel bad that I couldn't afford to look a certain way. Thrifting helped support me in developing my own sense of self, while not making me feel anxious, less than, or not worthy. 

I have always loved vintage style and clothing, but, you could probably guess by now, I could never afford to buy it from shops. The only pieces of vintage I would have in my wardrobe were my parents old clothing, or the pieces I happened to find at the thrift store! I began finding more and more beautiful vintage, that I just didn't want to leave behind, and the vintage curiosity slowly shifted into a full blown obsession and lifestyle. 

Additionally, my dad has collected vintage toys my entire life, and my mom consistently morphed and molded my childhood home with flea market and craigslist vintage finds growing up- so vintage appreciation truly is in my blood! 

What are your three top favorite pieces you currently have?
In box Adidas Intercontinental shoes- I found these babies at an estate sale tucked in the back of a closet. I tried to do research on my own to verify what they were, but kept coming up short; so we actually ended up contacting Adidas. They verified the authenticity of the shoes and sent us the original ad for them from '88!


I have been getting more into vintage home goods lately, and one thing that always makes me happy to find is vintage playing cards. Here are a couple of cool sets! 

I have a ton of original vintage Star Wars shirts up right now that I think are so incredibly cool. My dad found these at an auction and let me have them for my shop!








If you could choose one place to thrift at that you've never gone to before, were would it be and why?

I think I would definitely head to Japan! There is an enormous appreciation for vintage fashion there, and I've heard the thrifting and vintage hunting is top notch! Next on my list for the US is Santa Fe, NM or honestly any really, really small overlooked town. That's where you find the best stuff! 

I see you have a blog catering to thrifting. Do you have anything you're currently working on that you're super excited about?

I am super interested in helping other people in the vintage community further their business, while furthering my own. I have a few virtual projects for the blog; series teaching others how to better sell on Etsy, a collection of thrift guides for different cities, and highlights of different shops to get people excited about second hand shopping and style. 

Additionally, I have a local project in the very beginning stages as well! I'm working with a few other local sellers to hold bimonthly vintage collective markets right here in Denver! So watch out for that as well! :)  


Keep up with Lexi on Instagram or her Website