Seen & Heard: 002 CHEAP FANTASY

Finding new music always ends up becoming a blackhole journey, as the internet is never ending with talent from all over the world. My favorite is Instagram! From time to time I find artists that I really enjoy. Jordan Bleau happens to be someone that I came across while I was profile jumping late one night!  

Jordan Bleau is a musician based out of Minneapolis. Jordan was on the second to last stop on his first solo tour, which lead him to Denver. This tour was magical for him and those who got to experience his shows, as it highlighted his personal dreamy pop project Cheap Fantasy

I got a chance to take the URL to the IRL with Jordan Bleau to talk about his work and to become familiar with him in person! Get to know Bleau below : - ) 

How old are you? 

What was your main inspiration to starting the project Cheap Fantasy?
Carly Rae Jepsen's e•mo•tion

You recently came out with an EP called Life of Glass! How long did it take you to work on?
Probably a little over 6 months, pretty much every day. My studio is in my room and I did everything except Rose's vocals myself. Recording, production, mixing, all the instruments.. 



This being your first solo tour, what have you been thinking about while driving from state to state by yourself?
That's a heavy question- not in a bad way though. I don't know, quite a bit, I guess. It is a lot of time being alone and driving through all of these towns that are maybe just the same and listening to political podcasts about how America is slipping from its status as the leading superpower in the world. The country is in decline and I feel like that's palpable, for sure. Yet there are all these millions of people, including me, with their own lives, worlds and desires.... I guess I was thinking about how to reconcile that, and how to fit into it. Being out of my normal environment definitely helps me gain perspective on my life and feeling like an outsider for that long definitely puts an interesting lens on self examination. It helped me a bit to figure out what's working and what's not in my life, behaviors I need to change, things I need to prioritize. I felt a sense of awe and wonder and also a deep melancholy the whole time. 

I was also just thinking about how grateful I am for the people in my life- my friends, and the people I met along the way. People can be so kind and generous to touring musicians and that was really inspiring and moving for me. 

What has been your favorite song to perform?
Probably the newest one, "real fantasy." This song talks about overcoming your problems through vulnerability and teamwork via basketball metaphors. It's a 2K9 Justice- style banger. It'll be out in time for my next tour with Real Dom. (Real Dom + Cheap Fantasy = Real Fantasy) 

I see that you co-founded a record label called No Problem Records! Can you tell me a bit about that? 
Yeah, absolutely. It's kind of on the back burner right now, but No Problem is a tape label that my good friend Alex Uhrich and I started a few years ago soon after we met.  It eventually just sort of became a way for us to hype new bands that we believed in and give them a quality first release, hopefully leading to something better. We handled everything, I would frequently record the bands and Alex did a lot of the art / design / layout stuff for the tapes. Alex was actually just featured on Dana Kim's amazing blog This Used To Be Us - he does so much stuff, I love his photography and other artwork. He's getting into screen printing and making clothing. He also fronts a great punk band called Royal Brat, whose first tape I recorded, that came out on No Problem as well. 

From following you on Instagram, I've noticed you are pretty into the DIY scene in Minneapolis. Being apart of that community, how has it helped you today with your music?
It has been great! I came up here to get sober and I stayed for that. I ended up getting plugged into music here because it's what I love the most. I knew zero people when I got up here, so everyone I know now I met through one of those two things. 

There are so many great people here, making great work. It's constantly inspiring to play shows with people, release their music for them or records more music with people- which is something I've been getting more into and something I love very much. 

I don't know, it's like anywhere else- there are great things and definitely drawbacks about being part of a geographically related "scene". I definitely feel more isolated here since I've started this new project. I have been looking to the internet a lot more to make connections with people, or just looking elsewhere in this town, which has been good for me. There's always so much to explore, which is one great thing about touring as well. 

If you got to sing karaoke to a room full of strangers and you could only choose one song that described you as a person to sing... what song would it be and why?
Usually my karaoke song is "Butterfly" by Crazytown. I think in a lot of ways that does describe me quite accurately somehow. I don't know why but mostly because it's a dope track and it's also pretty jacked up. A lot of information in that song and in the video as well. 


Check out the track Life Of Glass ! You can listen to the whole EP via Spotify & Apple Music ^_^