You've Got Mail


It has been a while since I have posted on here. I've neglected this for a while because life got the best of me; working my day job etc. This morning, while I was working on this piece, I realized that blogging, writing is a great way to get my gears grinding. I'm going to be putting a lot more focus into my journaling and more importantly this blog. 

I found myself awake before 7 am this morning which is something that rarely happens. I spent a good portion of the morning laying in bed watching the sunlight seep into my apartment. I went to my kitchen to start a pot of coffee and realized it has been a while since I have checked my mail. oooops.  I will be honest, that I have a really bad habit of not regularly checking my mail. Probably not something I should blog about but whatever, it's something that I am trying to fix about my daily routine. 

I walked down to my apartment lobby and checked my mailbox.  I usually either have junk mail, letters from Chicago or nothing at all which happens to make that bad habit of mine easy to keep doing -haha.  This time I had a package from Florida,  surprise! surprise! this package came from my best friends mom who is an MUA (Make-Up Artist) . 

I recently picked up a heavy interest in make-up. I have never been one to really wear make-up and if I do it's really light. Maybe that's just the tom-boy in me or really my lack of knowledge of how to do winged eye-liner. But heck, life is about learning.... so here I am at 23 years old finally pampering myself with red lipsticks, bold mascaras and cute eyeshadows. It's never to late to start. 

The package I received was decorated with cute hearts, which brought a smile to my face instantly. I opened it up and there was a tube of Pure Color Love Lipstick by Esteē Lauder in the shade of red. Red always boosts my confidence, especially when it comes to lipstick. It's simple, yet sexy. I could be wearing a t-shirt and a pair of jeans. Then BOOM,  the red lipstick is what really gives my outfit, and confidence that extra pop!  There was also Maneater mascara by Tarte - this came around the perfect time because I ran out of mascara yesterday! What luck! 

I can't wait to try these two products out and incorporate them into my everyday morning make-up routine.