Maggie Rogers

Sometimes when I'm photographing things I feel like everything has to be specific and I have to follow some kind of life guideline for being a photographer - I wish I would stop doing this to myself and I finally kicked myself in the ass in regards to this guideline being fake. Being a photographer is about capturing everything. I knew that Maggie Rogers was performing at Larimer Lounge in Denver so I tucked my camera into a purse and took this opportunity to photograph her at a sold out show. 

From what I know - Maggie Rogers kind of blew up over night thanks to Pharrell Williams who sat in on a masterclass at NYU. She is on a few sold out tours and she is only 22. - pretty insane!  While watching her perform it became really apparent as to why people are falling in love with her. You either LOVE Maggie Rogers or you don't have any idea who she is - then you find out about her and she's just one of those artists who sticks with you. 

All I have to say is that she is definitely someone to see live.  

Below are some images of her. She sparkles and shines for sure ~~~~