Women's March on Washington


I traveled to Washington D.C. for the Women's March last month with my mom and my mom's friend (who has known me since I was a baby). We planned this trip back in November when Trump was elected president. 

My mother and her friend have be marching since the 60's and I have been marching for different causes since Obama's first presidential campaign backs in 2008. My dad at the time pushed me to stand up for things that I believe in- getting me started at a young age as they say! Prior to flying out to Washington, D.C., everyone asked me why I was going there and not marching in Denver. I couldn't quite come up with an answer because both marches sent a powerful message, but I think for myself, personally, with Trump being inaugurated the day before the march; for my mother, her friend and I to be in the nation's capital it felt heavier and knocked the realness into me.
I try to  travel without any expectations because you never know how something is going to turn out and so going into this there were no expectations. I had no idea what was going to happen or how the trip was going to pan out - that worried me but I think it made the trip that much more important.
I got into DC on Friday afternoon several hours after Trump's inauguration aired on national TV. I could feel the weird energy brewing in the air. I wanted so badly to wander Maryland and DC on my own after landing in town but my mom wasn't fond of the idea because I'm a woman and I'm a woman of color, which makes me an easy target for Trump supporters which scares her and it scares me. I never try to let fear run my life but for me that's my reality now. For those of you who don't know, my mother is white, I truly can't imagine how she felt in that moment - nothing scares me more then hearing those words come from her. It didn't actually become real to me until I saw the look of sadness and fear overcome her face as she explained to me how I have to now pay attention heavily in my everyday routine to keep myself safe. I guess I'm including this because this advice isn't just for me but for anyone who feels alone and terrified, I'm there with you.
Saturday morning finally came we got to the meeting place for the Colorado Women marchers which was at a church. I thought that was interesting in itself. Everyone was smiling and being so positive. My favorite thing was that everyone was hugging one another regardless if they knew each other or not - everyone was cheering in unison. "It's time, this is our time!" I told myself as everyone was coming together. Everyone started walking towards the official march meeting area together, we finally linked with a sea full of pink hats, powerful messages and love. Seeing so many people uniting as one in a time of fear and worry was so incredible. From men, women, children, families, people from all over the world together despite the differences. We separated the good from the bad that day!
I marched because everyone deserves rights as human beings and our differences should not divide us. Politics like climate change and healthcare are important too. The march stood for a lot more than just Women. I still get chills talking about the March. People ask me to describe it to them and really it is a feeling that can't be written out. It was intense, probably one of the most intense experiences I've ever had in my life, which doesn't exactly help when it comes to wondering what it's like. I had chills throughout the entire day. I think if you want to know, you should go out and see for yourself. My experience could be different than yours.
I urge everyone to stand up for the things they believe in. Now is the time to majorly exercise our first amendment right of Free Speech. The more people that speak out in times of injustice the more powerful we will all be. It is definitely easier said than done, but it needs to happen now more then ever.
 I wrote a lot about how I feel regarding some politics in a blog post called "Not my President" which you can view via my website.. This is a continuous piece off of that blog post! Below are photos that I took at the march.