Not My President

On Tuesday, November 8th the future of an entire nation was announced. All I can remember about that night was constantly refreshing my internet tab every 30 seconds, turning to my girlfriends while at Emo Nite - all of us standing around with nerves and fear building up for every refresh we did. Not just us, but everyone in the venue. 

Most of the night I stood near the TV at bar - watching the numbers climb between both candidates. My heart dropping every time Trump climbed above Clinton. Meanwhile everyone tried to dance the fear off to classic teen throwbacks. At that moment it was the only escape. 

Then it happened. I couldn't fucking believe it. Tears started pouring down my eyes. Other women at the bar and I started hugging and crying- men comforting everyone, everyone comforting each other. None of us thought it was actually going to happen - Trump becoming President of the United States. 

On November 10, 2016 some individuals in Denver organized a massive march to protest Trump's presidency. Some friends and hundreds of other people marched with me through the city streets standing up for different things they believe in- Holding signs with words that really expressed their opinions regarding what's to come in future. Many people allowed a man who is fueled by racist, xenophobic and misogynistic views to become the leader of our country and that's scary for many others. A nightmare becoming reality.  But under all that, everyone was together as one. 

Later that evening I got shot with pepper balls by riot cops, just my luck. Nah, really I was standing in the wrong place at the wrong time... next to some teens who didn't get the initial meaning behind the march itself. Poor timing on my end. But to me that was worth the images that I got. 

Below are images from the march.  I have very few words because these photos are so powerful. These aren't just photos to me, they are an intense experience and I really hesitated with releasing these but I think it's important to share these images that show all the people who were connecting with one another that night due to politics, emotions, heartbreak and fear. Everyone came together. It's important to keep fighting the fight but with love and kindness and that's what everyone did that night. 

I wanted to get these images out into the world before Trumps Inauguration on January 20th, 2017. **This post will be updated after that week** I will be in Washington, DC marching along side my god mom and mother in the Women's March On Washington!