In New York

New York City

It's so hard for me to hate a place I travel to because every place I've been has something I can connect with.  I've been to New York before. I was young at the time, in high school. There is something about this place that I really enjoyed, being older & being able to appreciate everything around me more. From human interactions to site seeing...  It's because a city full of love, culture, life and style surrounded me- experiences within all these seemed endless- my mind wanted something completely new and that is exactly what New York showed me.  I caught up with friends who I haven't seen in a long time. Each of them  are doing and living life amazingly in the city! I saw my first Broadway play with my mother and god mom. I met some new people who are now friends  ~ (time to start that gofundme that you all offered #jokes) but don't worry, I'll be back soon :)  Some day I hope to live here. A weekend wasn't enough time. There is never enough time. 

PS I still want a supreme brick. @ supreme store employee I triggered because I asked him for one when they were sold out of them ! ! ! 

Below are some images from my trip.  Photos taken by Sanjana Stein ~ Photos that have me in them were taken by Maya Coleman ~ 



"New York, you're perfect / Don't please don't change a thing"