Havana, Cuba (2018)


I have always wanted to go to Cuba. I think what really peaked my interest in wanting to travel there was the movie Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights. The first time I watched that movie I was around the age of 17! I’ve held onto the want for so long. It is cliche to let a movie push interest in travel but that film bumped Cuba to the top of my list. Specifically Havana, as that is where the movie primarily was filmed.

I talked about wanting to visit Cuba with my mom and she told me how that has been a place that she has wanted to experience as well. We looked into traveling there. We found a fun option to go on a cruise through Royal Caribbean and next thing you know that is where we ended up!

I was really into the culture in Havana. The art, music and food. I love how the people seem to be holding onto the culture dearly as a lot of these things have not been Westernized and that’s important to realize when traveling. You are organically a part of their lifestyle when you visit a place. Everyday there was something new and eye opening that we got to see. Creative environments, pure joy, bright colors and a lot of sun!

There are a bunch of photos that I took on the trip that I wanted to share and I hope that after seeing these images your interest will peak as well.


An Eye for an Eye


Not hiding who you are matters the most being a creative. What you do and why you do it defines who you are. I am a disabled artist whose primary focus is photography. I don't hide my disability, it just is something that never really comes up in conversation.  A lot of people question the word disabled when they see me because when you look at me, you can’t see my disability.

I have Retinopathy of prematurity in my left eye. ROP is a blinding eye disorder that affects premature babies. I was diagnosed with this when I was 2 years old. Being blind in one eye is all that I know. Growing up I had to adapt to this and 24 years later I still am adapting to life with one eye. I often walk into things and usually scream “hey!! Who put that there?” to save myself from embarrassment but also to make myself laugh cause if I can’t laugh at myself I’m truly not being myself. I also find myself working twice as hard to experience my surroundings.   


Being blind in one eye is an interesting and completely underrated statement. When people ask me what it’s like to be blind in one eye I usually have them cover their left eye with their hand and walk around for a minute (I hope you try this, just to get a gist of what my life is like everyday).




I never see a full picture. I only see half of what is around me or I see what is directly in front of me. This can be frustrating but I found an outlet that has allowed me to live life like I have two eyes; Photography. Photography gives me a full picture. When I take a photo I capture the environment and details that I can’t usually see. Photography for me is my second eye that I don’t have. I photograph everyone and everything that surrounds me and I've gotten my career as an artist to places I didn't think were ever possible for me.

 A lot of times people with disabilities are mislabeled by society. We usually become the disability we have, they tell a story for someone who doesn't actually know what it is like living life in our shoes. Those of us living life with a disability should be able to create our own narratives and this is what photography has given me the ability to do.   "Artist who has a disability" isn't something I want to be known for not because it doesn't matter, It 100% does. But I won't let this ever define who I am. Being half blind has given me mad amounts of courage and passion to continue seeing the world and people that I photograph in a different way. 

I should of hit publish on May 12

Me in Denver snapped by Maya Coleman 

Me in Denver snapped by Maya Coleman 

I created this post on May 12. The day that I quit my job of 4 years. I decided to move my entire life from Denver which has been home to me for 24 years to Chicago, Illinois. I just let this post sit here in the draft box for 2 months because I was unsure if I should share blog posts about my life and experiences with everyone- you can choose to follow if you'd like. Here I am though back at it because this is something that I have been wanting to pursue for sometime. I consider it a form of journalism mainly using photos - if I feel like writing something I will.  I personally want to catalog digitally this new adventure I've got going for myself. 

New update:

I have been in Chicago for 2 months and 6 days- yes I'm counting and yes Fiji is with me (my Cat)! Recently I have been feeling so incredibly thankful for all the support I have had with this move. This has been the best change that I have been able to control for myself! For once I did something for me. I just wanted to thank; my mom who has taught me to continue to go for the things I want in life and has encouraged me to chase them, my Dad who has been helping me settle in & has been with me through this all, my siblings who continue to send me memes and check in on me, my Denver friends who told me to take the opportunity to work on my photography in a place that has more opportunity, my Chicago friends who have made me feel at home from day one. Really to everyone who has said to me "you can do this", you were right and I thank you for being my rocks and reason for success. 

Fujifilm disposable camera photo of Chicago from the L

Fujifilm disposable camera photo of Chicago from the L

I miss Denver like crazy. But Chicago has given me some amazing experiences so far that I should of blogged about but I didn't cause real life had me busy. I'm glad I am here. I've been pursuing photography working with Fashion and Music. I'm looking forward to my new life here and what I can accomplish in the next several days, weeks, months, years!  


Seen & Heard: 006 Lulu Wissmar (Los Angeles, California)

Photos courtesy of Lulu Wissmar

Photos courtesy of Lulu Wissmar

I'm so excited to be expanding Seen & Heard, like Colorado the passion for creative pursuits is also happening in other places across the country.

Back in May of 2013 I met LuLu Wissmar via facebook through some mutuals after attending a music festival in Los Angeles! Currently in LA Lulu is known for her eclectic personal style which you can tell branched off into her work as a wardrobe stylist / creative curator for Forever 21 HQ. After quitting working at the forever 21 HQ, she has been pouring her heart and soul into her own company @kilukaiswim, which is a swimwear line that focuses on making " sustainability sexy" ( you can find out more about her brand below) & she has also been working on other projects with fellow creatives. Get to know a bit about Lulu and the progress she's been making in LA's fashion scene below!  



1.When did you start becoming interested in fashion? 
I want to say I've always been interested in fashion, but I'll have to give the initial credit to my parents. Their love for dressing me up vintage fashion wore off on me and I still embrace it to this day. 

2.What kind of content interests you?
Art, and nature for sure. I can look at both for hours haha. 

3.What’s your current favorite trend? Or do you stray away from that? 
I definitely try and stay away from trends to be honest. That's the fashion flow that doesn't go. I'm all about entwining my clients organic style along with a new personal perspective. I want them to be comfortable, confident, but also push them out of their box a little bit. 

4. Who is your fashion inspiration? 
My fashion inspiration would probably have to be Janis Joplin. Every look she wears is an art piece. She's versatile, thoughtful, but daring. 

5. Where are 4 of your favorite places to shop? Why? 
Four of my favorite places to shop in LA is probably Iguana Vintage, Jet Rag, the Fairfax strip, and different Etsy shops. Fashion now days is so copy and paste I love digging through the old, embracing the new, and getting inspired by others art. 

6. I see you are the co-creator of a swim wear brand Kilu Kai - can you tell me a little about what you do there? 
Yes! Kilu Kai Swimwear is my little baby that I'm so passionate about. My partner and I are making sustainability sexy. Using recycled material to make trendy suits that make woman feel confident and excited to change the world. Melding the world through woman empowerment and keeping Mother Nature happy. Follow us at @kilukaiswim to see our first release! 

7. Does anyone in music inspire your stylist creativity? If so, who? 
Lots of people in music inspire my daily style. Depending on my mood, I'll put on a jam, and let my creativity to take over. Music's always been a huge influence in my life. Garments flow of the skin like the words that we sing to get us through our day. 

8.What is your dream gig? 
My dream gig would probably be to work on a worldwide campaign that empowers various artists, woman, and cultures. 

9. Aside from being creative and styling.. what else interests you? 
My most frequent pass time is skating down by the beach, hiking, or dancing! Anything outdoor or with music, I'm there! 


10. In 40 years what will people be nostalgic for?
(Hard one)  A clean and healthy earth :( 

See some styling work by Wissmar below
Pics by:  @offthecheng

Seen & Heard: 005 Wavy Jain

        DIGITAL ART BY: KAIT LANDIA                   (@THEKAITLANDIA)


Fashion Designing has always been a topic that I've been curious about! It hasn't been until recently that I've developed a huge interest in wanting to explore this medium of art and how fashion designers make a name for themselves. Instagram once again has introduced me to local fashion designer named Jain Barrett. Jain is the CEO and vision behind her company Wavy Jain CO! Jain likes to describe her brand as "for the non-linear". That really peaked my curiosity so  I recently met up with her just to get a better idea of what she's all about! Jain and I spent an entire afternoon together collaborating on a shoot that surrounded this new tangerine piece that she specifically designed for us to work with- beautifully wrapped in chains, thoughtfully complimenting the model Kenna Matthews, who Jain and I both had our eye on to shoot in this amazing piece! Get familiar with Wavy J below and check out a few images from our tangerine dream afternoon *  :)  *




1. Describe to me what you do in one sentence.
I imagine different end results in my head (no artistic medium in particular, literally just whatever I think of), and then I spend copious amounts of time executing/building on what I imagined.

2. What got you into designing clothes?
I’ve always felt curious about design. Strictly training in Dance throughout high school brought me intense admiration for fabric, and costuming, and the impact it has on a performance. I also started embroidering last year which escalated my desires to learn. I guess curiosity and intimidation are what led me to finally diving in.

3. What is your favorite fruit?
The limit of my berry consumption does not exist! All berries. Any kind.

4. Who are some of your inspirations?
Twyla Tharp. Elsa Schiaparelli. Small business owners everywhere. Johnny Cash. Pierre Cardin. Emma Portner. Rihanna too!

5. What's the leading idea behind your company Wavy Jain & Co?
The leading idea behind Wavy Jain Co. is this term “non-linear”. I feel the moments in my life where I was conforming or following others, it brought a lot of tension to my whole being and made me start to think I was indeed my own. I was not the same. Wavy people are so comfortably themselves. My creations will sometimes mock this concept too. You’ll see something constricting, or an inclusion of very linear details. Non-linear is to be interpreted uniquely and it is the driving force behind every project.




Seen & Heard: 004 Sam Keller

It is always so intoxicating to come across a profile on Instagram that leaves you speechless. Sam Keller's profile and work does just that! Sam is a photographer, she loves capturing images in the form of 35mm, 120mm, & Polaroid film! Her work is made up of dreamy colors and the feelings of nostalgia. After following Sam for several months, we met up over Chai and a walk through downtown to get familiar with one another face to face. Get to know a bit about Sam below.




1. Where are you from?

2. How old are you?
A quarter of a dollar old.

 3. Following you on Instagram I see mostly film uploads. Do you only shoot film? What is your favorite film camera to work with recently?
It fluctuates. I’m mostly film but I have a digital camera and I usually take photos on my phone during the shoots so my Instagram is a melting pot of different mediums and ways I take photos. I have a ton of old school cameras and I fall in love with each of them for different reasons but I always come back to my Contax T2 and Canon AE-1 for 35mm. I never go to a shoot with out a medium format camera so I also rely my Mamiya RZ67 and Mamiya 7ii.

4. Who are two photographers that heavily influence your work? What about them inspires you?I’m inspired by film photographers in general but can I say three?

Petra Collins, Hana Haley and Wiissa (photography duo) have all had a heavy impact on my work. I was really into Tumblr at the time that I started taking photography seriously and seeing their work and their progress made me realize I was capable of that same progress too. I stuck with and even though I don’t love every photo I take, I’m at a point where I’m my own favorite photographer (IN A NON-COCKY WAY). I never thought I would see my photos in the light that I do and I’m proud of where I’ve come. I’m self-taught for the most part and I consider my inspirations part of my learning lessons. They helped me craft my style and fall in love with film photography.

Los Angeles, 2016 by Sam Keller 

Los Angeles, 2016 by Sam Keller 

5. What is your favorite part of taking film photos?
It’s the entire process. When I’m out shooting and I hear the shutter click and I know it’s going to be a beautiful photo, I get chills. After the roll is shot and I get my negatives back, it is such an out of body experience for me looking at the photos. I can stare at them all I want but sometimes they don’t feel like mine and that’s a cool and freaky feeling. I’m a nerd but I love sitting down and cleaning my cameras and making sure they are working properly. As frustrating as the hiccups can be, the reward of getting it right is worth every fail.

 6. For anyone who wants to get into film photography, what's the best advice you have learned or are learning that you'd be willing to share with someone else? What got you into film?
I could say so many things. The first being, forgive yourself and allow yourself to make mistakes. But learning from mistakes is important too so take your time, know your cameras and know your settings. Film is really fucking cool but don’t forget it’s how you use your equipment and not the physical equipment itself. You need to train your eye to see things that you like that to others might find mundane. Train yourself to look for beauty everywhere you go and try taking photos on your phone first. Then you can execute it on film once you have harvested your style.

The reason I got into film is deep and has a multitude of elements and stories and people. Mostly though, it was because of my parents. My mom used film even after digital was changing the playing field of photography. I always loved the look of it and was fortunate enough to have her cameras to help me out. My dad passed when I was 14 and I think the experience of loosing him at a young age forced me to find myself and my passions a little earlier to help express myself and make sense of it all. I tried acting and singing before eventually finding myself drawn to photography. It’s a beautiful way for me to cope and manage my running mind.

7. What is your dream meal?
omggggggggg. My dream meal would have to be my mama’s fried chicken, mashed potatoes and Mexican-style street corn served on a silver platter with Drake pouring wine (or coca cola) into my glass while he raps softly to me. There’s an ocean view and I’m wearing slippers.

Summer Things by Sam Keller 

Summer Things by Sam Keller 

8. What's your favorite song?
I’m dying over Lil Uzi’s new album. 50% of the reason I love him is because he is from Philly but the other 50% is because I love his music and vibe. I also love “Prom” by SZA.

 9. What is your favorite color to photograph?
Blue blue blue. I need blue skies in my photos. My work relies so heavily on the sun and the saturated tones she provides. I do like a good overcast though but then the outfits/settings need to be bold. I also love yellow and pinks.

Waiting on Film by Sam Keller 

Waiting on Film by Sam Keller 

10. What is the funniest thing that has happened to you recently?
My mom was shit talking someone and accidentally sent that person the screenshot instead of sending it to me. TWICE. I was rolling on the floor at my desk laughing. It’s funny because my mom is a really nice lady and it’s rare that she gets that annoyed she needs to “shit talk”. We both thought it was hilarious.


Follow Sam on socials below

Seen & Heard: 003 UPTON

Currently residing in Denver, CO is a driven individual named Daniel Hopkins. He's the prime mover and mind behind his local streetwear brand UPTON.  Each piece of clothing is carefully crafted to engage ideas and start conversations between the people who wear his line or see it on the street. Get familiar with Daniel and UPTON below! 

1. How old are you? 
I'm 20 years of age

2. Where are you from?
I grew up in Colorado Springs

3. The designs you created / are creating are great unique pieces, but who and which things were your inspiration while creating such designs?
My inspiration changes from collection to collection. But in general my main inspirations are human beings and their interactions with themselves and their environment. I also gain a lot of inspiration from emotion. Love and fear mostly. I draw a lot from what has been and what could be. I like to develop an idea and weave it into my pieces, in order to make the consumer think and develop their own ideas.  

4. Say something about your background? What got you into wanting to design clothes?
Growing up where and when I did, pretty much everyone looked the same or close to it until I started high school. I slowly started subscribing to what I now know as fashion trends, but not seriously. I didn't really start to care about what clothes I was wearing until freshman year.

While all my friends were developing their artistic tastes and talents I was fooling around on the internet. My fascination with fashion began slowly with music. Bands and artists like Yung Lean, Mac Demarco, Kanye West, Grimes and The Drums all pushed me into the direction of distinguishing my taste in clothing. I started watching as many videos and reading as many articles as possible. At this point I still didn't know shit about fashion or design, but I knew what I liked. 

My junior year of high school I had a sweatshirt made with a design from my favorite movie at the local print house and I then realized how easy it was to create. I got some good feedback from my friends and this is what inspired me to learn more about the industry. My dad told me about designers from his era, like Dior and Balenciaga. I started reading as much as I could  becoming kind of a poser fanboy. 

Around the same time I knew I wanted to start a label, but had no idea how. Eventually I met a kid in my  high school library during free period who had the same aspirations, we've been designing and learning since then. 

I only started applying myself and taking the dream seriously when I was depressed my freshman year of college. I started using the label to express how I felt inside and people seemed to enjoy it. 

Compared to where we started to where we are at now is insane! I feel so blessed! Shout out to all my friends! 

Models: Stephen Edwards, Suzy Zeitzman, Caleb Smith, Anna Kim, Eve Zook, Jonas Conn-parent  (in no particular order) Photo by: Daniel and Jonas

Models: Stephen Edwards, Suzy Zeitzman, Caleb Smith, Anna Kim, Eve Zook, Jonas Conn-parent
(in no particular order) Photo by: Daniel and Jonas

5. How would you describe your personal style?
Even though I design streetwear, I enjoy wearing vintage looks. I really align with late 80s and 90s sports and casual wear the most, but I have a lot of unique pieces. I think it's important to have a vast wardrobe so you can deliver unique and different looks but stay consistent. I take inspiration from a lot of different scenes and styles. Boxing yourself in when it comes to fashion should never be an obstacle. Finding your own unique taste and style is important as a designer. Don't be afraid to deck yourself out in 90s FILA one day and dress like a punker the next. 

6. What questions do you ask yourself before you start a new clothing design?
When it comes to design I basically start messing around until I find something that I like. Then once the idea is fully formed I start to ask myself a lot of questions: 
- What style do I want to take inspiration from ?
- What graphic design style would compliment this the best?
- How many possible outfits would look good with this?
- What does that look like?
- Have I seen this before?
- What song pops into my head from this?
- How can I make this evoke a feeling?
- What emotions can I exploit from this?
- How can I provide a personal feeling / scenario and make it speak to a wide audience?


7. How can you encourage the individuals who buy your products to form an emotional attachment to what they choose? 
My main goal with UPTON is to spread ideas and open dialogues. I want people to engage with the clothing they see. Changing mindsets is important. The best way to that is to emulate emotions people exhibit from certain events and ideas. 

8. What programs do you use to design your clothes?
I mostly use photoshop and illustrator

Model: Orrin Campbell  Photography: Tim Day

Model: Orrin Campbell
Photography: Tim Day

9. How do you stay up to date with fashion trends?
While somewhat embarrassing I do follow fashion blogs/ websites and read fashion magazines. I also have friends in various cities around the world who are involved in the industry that I rely on. The internet is a beautiful place. I also give credit to my right hand man Jonas, for being the more streetwear centric side of the brand.

10. Who are some of your favorite designers?
Raf Simons, Virgil Abloh, Yves Saint Laurent, Yohji Yamamoto, Tinker Hatfeild, Gosha Rubchinskiy, Rei Kawakubo


This coming Saturday - August 19th UPTON is having a party in Denver details are below! 

Seen & Heard: 002 CHEAP FANTASY

Finding new music always ends up becoming a blackhole journey, as the internet is never ending with talent from all over the world. My favorite is Instagram! From time to time I find artists that I really enjoy. Jordan Bleau happens to be someone that I came across while I was profile jumping late one night!  

Jordan Bleau is a musician based out of Minneapolis. Jordan was on the second to last stop on his first solo tour, which lead him to Denver. This tour was magical for him and those who got to experience his shows, as it highlighted his personal dreamy pop project Cheap Fantasy

I got a chance to take the URL to the IRL with Jordan Bleau to talk about his work and to become familiar with him in person! Get to know Bleau below : - ) 

How old are you? 

What was your main inspiration to starting the project Cheap Fantasy?
Carly Rae Jepsen's e•mo•tion

You recently came out with an EP called Life of Glass! How long did it take you to work on?
Probably a little over 6 months, pretty much every day. My studio is in my room and I did everything except Rose's vocals myself. Recording, production, mixing, all the instruments.. 



This being your first solo tour, what have you been thinking about while driving from state to state by yourself?
That's a heavy question- not in a bad way though. I don't know, quite a bit, I guess. It is a lot of time being alone and driving through all of these towns that are maybe just the same and listening to political podcasts about how America is slipping from its status as the leading superpower in the world. The country is in decline and I feel like that's palpable, for sure. Yet there are all these millions of people, including me, with their own lives, worlds and desires.... I guess I was thinking about how to reconcile that, and how to fit into it. Being out of my normal environment definitely helps me gain perspective on my life and feeling like an outsider for that long definitely puts an interesting lens on self examination. It helped me a bit to figure out what's working and what's not in my life, behaviors I need to change, things I need to prioritize. I felt a sense of awe and wonder and also a deep melancholy the whole time. 

I was also just thinking about how grateful I am for the people in my life- my friends, and the people I met along the way. People can be so kind and generous to touring musicians and that was really inspiring and moving for me. 

What has been your favorite song to perform?
Probably the newest one, "real fantasy." This song talks about overcoming your problems through vulnerability and teamwork via basketball metaphors. It's a 2K9 Justice- style banger. It'll be out in time for my next tour with Real Dom. (Real Dom + Cheap Fantasy = Real Fantasy) 

I see that you co-founded a record label called No Problem Records! Can you tell me a bit about that? 
Yeah, absolutely. It's kind of on the back burner right now, but No Problem is a tape label that my good friend Alex Uhrich and I started a few years ago soon after we met.  It eventually just sort of became a way for us to hype new bands that we believed in and give them a quality first release, hopefully leading to something better. We handled everything, I would frequently record the bands and Alex did a lot of the art / design / layout stuff for the tapes. Alex was actually just featured on Dana Kim's amazing blog This Used To Be Us - he does so much stuff, I love his photography and other artwork. He's getting into screen printing and making clothing. He also fronts a great punk band called Royal Brat, whose first tape I recorded, that came out on No Problem as well. 

From following you on Instagram, I've noticed you are pretty into the DIY scene in Minneapolis. Being apart of that community, how has it helped you today with your music?
It has been great! I came up here to get sober and I stayed for that. I ended up getting plugged into music here because it's what I love the most. I knew zero people when I got up here, so everyone I know now I met through one of those two things. 

There are so many great people here, making great work. It's constantly inspiring to play shows with people, release their music for them or records more music with people- which is something I've been getting more into and something I love very much. 

I don't know, it's like anywhere else- there are great things and definitely drawbacks about being part of a geographically related "scene". I definitely feel more isolated here since I've started this new project. I have been looking to the internet a lot more to make connections with people, or just looking elsewhere in this town, which has been good for me. There's always so much to explore, which is one great thing about touring as well. 

If you got to sing karaoke to a room full of strangers and you could only choose one song that described you as a person to sing... what song would it be and why?
Usually my karaoke song is "Butterfly" by Crazytown. I think in a lot of ways that does describe me quite accurately somehow. I don't know why but mostly because it's a dope track and it's also pretty jacked up. A lot of information in that song and in the video as well. 


Check out the track Life Of Glass ! You can listen to the whole EP via Spotify & Apple Music ^_^






This new blog series is all about cool people who do cool things. There is only one true defining factor to what makes someone cool and that is seeing people have or develop a passion for art, music, writing, clothes - anything creative.  I've met so many people who inspire me with their passions, that I'm here now sharing with you in depth about some of these talented people who have been on my radar. Each individual that I write about has opened my eyes to different forms of art in some way. Their love and drive to make the things they wanna do a reality deserves to be seen and heard

Recently I met up with Lexi who is a thrift store guru, vintage lover and Etsy shop owner that is based out of Denver, Colorado. She is also the creator behind LEXI GOES THRIFTING.   Break the ice with Lexi below through an in depth interview we had while on a thrifting adventure! 

Where are you from?
Lansing, Michigan

How old are you?

When did you first get into thrifting / vintage collecting?
I have been an avid thrifter my entire life. Growing up in a family with 3 kids and not a whole lot of cash made me thrifting a necessity back in the day, and I can't say I looked at it with even an ounce of the same admiration as I do now. Kids find anything and everything to make fun of each other about, and appearing as though you shopped at a thrift store was certainly a cause for ridicule on the 6th grade school bus.

It wasn't until high school that I realized thrifting gave me control over my self expression and identity more than anything had before. Other stores told me what to wear, and made me feel bad that I couldn't afford to look a certain way. Thrifting helped support me in developing my own sense of self, while not making me feel anxious, less than, or not worthy. 

I have always loved vintage style and clothing, but, you could probably guess by now, I could never afford to buy it from shops. The only pieces of vintage I would have in my wardrobe were my parents old clothing, or the pieces I happened to find at the thrift store! I began finding more and more beautiful vintage, that I just didn't want to leave behind, and the vintage curiosity slowly shifted into a full blown obsession and lifestyle. 

Additionally, my dad has collected vintage toys my entire life, and my mom consistently morphed and molded my childhood home with flea market and craigslist vintage finds growing up- so vintage appreciation truly is in my blood! 

What are your three top favorite pieces you currently have?
In box Adidas Intercontinental shoes- I found these babies at an estate sale tucked in the back of a closet. I tried to do research on my own to verify what they were, but kept coming up short; so we actually ended up contacting Adidas. They verified the authenticity of the shoes and sent us the original ad for them from '88!


I have been getting more into vintage home goods lately, and one thing that always makes me happy to find is vintage playing cards. Here are a couple of cool sets! 

I have a ton of original vintage Star Wars shirts up right now that I think are so incredibly cool. My dad found these at an auction and let me have them for my shop!








If you could choose one place to thrift at that you've never gone to before, were would it be and why?

I think I would definitely head to Japan! There is an enormous appreciation for vintage fashion there, and I've heard the thrifting and vintage hunting is top notch! Next on my list for the US is Santa Fe, NM or honestly any really, really small overlooked town. That's where you find the best stuff! 

I see you have a blog catering to thrifting. Do you have anything you're currently working on that you're super excited about?

I am super interested in helping other people in the vintage community further their business, while furthering my own. I have a few virtual projects for the blog; series teaching others how to better sell on Etsy, a collection of thrift guides for different cities, and highlights of different shops to get people excited about second hand shopping and style. 

Additionally, I have a local project in the very beginning stages as well! I'm working with a few other local sellers to hold bimonthly vintage collective markets right here in Denver! So watch out for that as well! :)  


Keep up with Lexi on Instagram or her Website

Texas & Vintage

One of my favorite things to do is connect with people on social media. A few months ago I had a chance to link up with Sarah Beth and Kenna who are both individuals that I met through Instagram. Kenna is a model and Sara collects Vintage fashion which she sells through her online shop. Both these women are from Texas which happened to be a great coincidence. We spent an afternoon listening to The Beatles, talking about our likes and dislikes between Denver and Texas. We each put our talents into a collaborative shoot after bonding a little bit. It's always inspiring to meet like minded individuals. Below are a collection of images that I captured during our afternoon together xx

Model: Kenna
( @kennaskye_m )
Styling: Sarah Beth
( @howtostealamillion_shop )
( @eocxx )


You've Got Mail


It has been a while since I have posted on here. I've neglected this for a while because life got the best of me; working my day job etc. This morning, while I was working on this piece, I realized that blogging, writing is a great way to get my gears grinding. I'm going to be putting a lot more focus into my journaling and more importantly this blog. 

I found myself awake before 7 am this morning which is something that rarely happens. I spent a good portion of the morning laying in bed watching the sunlight seep into my apartment. I went to my kitchen to start a pot of coffee and realized it has been a while since I have checked my mail. oooops.  I will be honest, that I have a really bad habit of not regularly checking my mail. Probably not something I should blog about but whatever, it's something that I am trying to fix about my daily routine. 

I walked down to my apartment lobby and checked my mailbox.  I usually either have junk mail, letters from Chicago or nothing at all which happens to make that bad habit of mine easy to keep doing -haha.  This time I had a package from Florida,  surprise! surprise! this package came from my best friends mom who is an MUA (Make-Up Artist) . 

I recently picked up a heavy interest in make-up. I have never been one to really wear make-up and if I do it's really light. Maybe that's just the tom-boy in me or really my lack of knowledge of how to do winged eye-liner. But heck, life is about learning.... so here I am at 23 years old finally pampering myself with red lipsticks, bold mascaras and cute eyeshadows. It's never to late to start. 

The package I received was decorated with cute hearts, which brought a smile to my face instantly. I opened it up and there was a tube of Pure Color Love Lipstick by Esteē Lauder in the shade of red. Red always boosts my confidence, especially when it comes to lipstick. It's simple, yet sexy. I could be wearing a t-shirt and a pair of jeans. Then BOOM,  the red lipstick is what really gives my outfit, and confidence that extra pop!  There was also Maneater mascara by Tarte - this came around the perfect time because I ran out of mascara yesterday! What luck! 

I can't wait to try these two products out and incorporate them into my everyday morning make-up routine. 





Maggie Rogers

Sometimes when I'm photographing things I feel like everything has to be specific and I have to follow some kind of life guideline for being a photographer - I wish I would stop doing this to myself and I finally kicked myself in the ass in regards to this guideline being fake. Being a photographer is about capturing everything. I knew that Maggie Rogers was performing at Larimer Lounge in Denver so I tucked my camera into a purse and took this opportunity to photograph her at a sold out show. 

From what I know - Maggie Rogers kind of blew up over night thanks to Pharrell Williams who sat in on a masterclass at NYU. She is on a few sold out tours and she is only 22. - pretty insane!  While watching her perform it became really apparent as to why people are falling in love with her. You either LOVE Maggie Rogers or you don't have any idea who she is - then you find out about her and she's just one of those artists who sticks with you. 

All I have to say is that she is definitely someone to see live.  

Below are some images of her. She sparkles and shines for sure ~~~~ 



In New York

New York City

It's so hard for me to hate a place I travel to because every place I've been has something I can connect with.  I've been to New York before. I was young at the time, in high school. There is something about this place that I really enjoyed, being older & being able to appreciate everything around me more. From human interactions to site seeing...  It's because a city full of love, culture, life and style surrounded me- experiences within all these seemed endless- my mind wanted something completely new and that is exactly what New York showed me.  I caught up with friends who I haven't seen in a long time. Each of them  are doing and living life amazingly in the city! I saw my first Broadway play with my mother and god mom. I met some new people who are now friends  ~ (time to start that gofundme that you all offered #jokes) but don't worry, I'll be back soon :)  Some day I hope to live here. A weekend wasn't enough time. There is never enough time. 

PS I still want a supreme brick. @ supreme store employee I triggered because I asked him for one when they were sold out of them ! ! ! 

Below are some images from my trip.  Photos taken by Sanjana Stein ~ Photos that have me in them were taken by Maya Coleman ~ 



"New York, you're perfect / Don't please don't change a thing"