Features & Interviews

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Minsu Manor - Scotland Based Creative Agency (2018)

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Thug Entrancer's New Album 'Arcology' is the the Dystopian Techno You've Been Looking For - THUMP.VICE (2016)

From Colorado, Thug Entrancer and Sound of Ceres land in distant worlds- The Know: Denver Post (2016) 

Sound of the week: Thug Entrancer- KALTBLUT. (2016)

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Structure 004 - Thug Entrancer - Structures from Silence (2016)

Review: Thug Entrancer Nerds Out on the Cerebral 'Arcology' for SPIN (2016)

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Thug Entrancer announces his second album on software- DummyMag (2015)

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Album Review- Getting to know Corsicana for Scene and Heard (2015)

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The Star: Spring 2015 Vol.3 (2015)

Teen Jordan Leone, aka DJ Private Property, is here for the music, not the party for Denver Westword (2014)

Event Report: Great American Techno Festival Decoded Magazine (2014)

Denver's DJCHAP Joins Forces With the Influential Teklife Crew for Denver Westword (2014)

Sylent EFX- Thumpin' - Turks and Underdog (2014)


ClickBate a Solo Exhibition at Okhi Co - Denver, Colorado (2018)

ANYWHERE, ANYONE a group show curated by Anjelica Jardiel - Brooklyn, New York (2017)